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Backpack Kid Russell Horning Spreads Cheer by Giving to the Needy on Christmas

Backpack Kid Russell Horning Spreads Cheer by Giving to the Needy on Christmas


Internet sensation and dancing phenomenon Backpack Kid (known to friends and family as Russell Horning) has made a big name for himself in a short amount of time. Despite his fame and busy schedule, he finds time to give back across the country, doing charitable work even during the holidays to help those in need.


Russell Horning & Katy Perry Selfie
Russell Horning & Katy Perry Selfie

Backpack Kid has a lot to be proud of considering his rise to worldwide stardom in a matter of months. What began as a simple dance move he expected to share online with about 30 or 40 friends turned into an international sensation: the Floss. The dance went viral after he posted it, attracting the attention of thousands and earning shout outs from megastars like Rihanna and Katy Perry.


He’s only just turned 17 years old and Backpack Kid already has millions of online followers (on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube) and reached nearly 50 million views in 2018. He’s performed on the SNL stage with Katy Perry on the invitation, and his dance is so legendary it’s been incorporated into one of the most popular platform games of all time.


Though he’s incredibly busy with his rising fame, Backpack Kid isn’t above making time to give back to communities in need. He’s donated personal items to fundraisers to help raise awareness and monetary contributions to help battle diseases. He’s made appearances at elementary schools with impromptu performances and free backpacks and school supplies for the kids.


During the holidays, he surprised needy families in his community with wrapped gifts and danced alongside kids as they celebrated a merry Christmas together. Backpack Kid showed up to one residential home with a pair of friends to help carry in all the presents to the family, sharing a message to his fans in the video of the event:


“For this holiday season,” Backpack Kid tells his audience via Instagram, “I want all y’all to go out and do a good deed, record it, upload it, and hashtag it. Let’s give back this Christmas season.”


Backpack Kid Russell Horning understands the importance of giving back to the less fortunate during the holidays, but he also understands giving back even after the holiday season has passed. Throughout the year, Backpack Kid shows up at conferences, concert events, celebrity gatherings, charitable outreaches, video game tournaments and more. He spreads messages of happiness, togetherness, and love for all to his millions of fans in the hopes that they will adopt a similar mindset.


After the new year, Backpack Kid started off 2019 with another hopeful message to his viewers:


“We got a whole new year ahead of us, so let’s take the opportunity and spread more positivity and stop the negativity––because bad energy won’t help nobody.”


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